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olloHair colouring and colour change


olloPerming and chemical straightening


olloSpecial hairstyles


olloHair care










You can find whatever you are looking for, whether you want short or long hair, whether you prefer traditional or extreme styles. Our staff take part in trainings regularly in order to follow the latest trends. For those who do not know what they want we can offer to find it out together: the style and shape that suits you best.tetejere


olloHair colouring and colour change:

Anything you can dream of: from natural to extreme. We recommend the AlfaParf Evolution of the Color palette if you prefer natural colours and the Jean's Color semi-permanent hair colour palette if your choice is a harsh colour. Should you want highlights we recommend you the Evolution of the Color Contrasti palette.

Our new service in hair colouring is the removal of the colour pigments without lightening (damaging) the hair shaft. The sweet almond protects your hair during the process. Applicable only if the hair was treated with oxidation hair colours, not effective on hair treated with semi-permanent dye or colours containing ready-made pigments.tetejere


olloPerming and chemical straightening:

We can create a multi-texture hair-do combining straight and curly hair with our new system. There are two types of straightening, the cold one gives your hair a natural condition and the hot one provides extremely straight hair.tetejere


olloSpecial hairstyles:

Let us make your dreams come true. Special hairs, buns, pin-ups for parties, weddings and other special occasions.tetejere


 olloHair care:

Our clients always get the best treatment for every scalp and hair type as well as the general condition of the hair (coloured, permed, chemically straightened, etc..). We also advise you about follow-up treatment in order to maintain maximum hair quality and colour. We are happy to help choose the best hair care products and give you detailed instructions for further use.

We can offer help for scalp problems such as dandruff, seborrhea, hair loss and greasy hair. Our products contribute to the healthy, beautiful hair. The nano elements of the products work like individual cells. They deliver the vitamins and energy to the scalp and restore its balance and healthy condition.

To have a long lasting colour your hair needs special care. Scientist turned to nature for new inspiration. They observed how plants resist the effects of the environment. They created a product family with flax flower, sunflower, violet and elderberry extracts. They help maintain colour, moisturise and protect the hair from the UV radiation.tetejere



Hair Cut

Haircut for ladies

From 5000 HUF

Blow dry for ladies

From 2800 HUF

Haircut for men

From 2900 HUF

Chemical treatment

Regrowth colouring, technician

From 1900 HUF

Regrowth colouring, hairdresser

From 2200 HUF

Foil highlights, technician

From 100 HUF /pc

Foil highlights, hairdresser

From 120 HUF/pc

The haircut includes hairwash­+haircut+blow dry.

Colouring, highlights: the price contains the work price.

Prices do not contain material price. Material price is added to the work price in HUF/gr.

The above prices are guidelines and contain VAT. tetejere